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Small Android App for my portfolio


Dougy's Android Development

I am a professional Android developer but unfortunately I don't have a portfolio of published apps. In retrospect, it's mainly because I've spent a lot of my time tinkering with new packages or focused on work/life that I never end up with anything to show. I do have a suite of half-done, unpolished apps that never made it to the Play Store. This could be my lack of design skills, my lack of persistence or just being distracted to a new project.

This is the first step in my journey into publishing as many apps as I can to build up my profile and see things through to the end.

The Deal

I would like to have a 1 screen app submitted into the Google Play Store. I'll give myself 2 weeks to do this so that I can play and tinker with it as well as document the development process.

The Idea


My constraints for this is a single screen app with no need network calls or databases. This will reduce the scope of the app.

A Simple RNG Game


The game is simple. Bet on whether the next number will go up or down.


Graphic design has always been a challenge for me so I'm learning a little bit more about it as we go.

Negative Space
Satori Negative

Satori Graphics did a nice video on Layout design which we can try implementing in our app design. Link

Some designers do fill out the negative space as much as possible by scaling up the logo and text to fill the layout. This makes the design appear too busy and unorganized.

Having a clear separation of the elements allows the viewer to look at the design more comfortably and read the information more easily.