Entry Level Digital Marketing: Mission 3 - Personas


Personas are fictional representations of your customers. They're a combination of all the traits your customers have.

They cover:

  • Demographics
  • Psychographics

Why aren’t personas always useful?

  1. They can be surface-level
  2. They can be unrealistic and unrelated to the customer’s actual needs

How to create a persona


  • Find existing user research and data
  • Send out a survey
  • Conduct user interviews
  • Use marketing analytics (site visitors, social media audience, buyer demographics)

Analyse the data

  • Look at common patterns
  • Group by demographics
    • Age
    • Gender
    • Race
    • Location
    • Employment Status
  • Group by psychographics
    • Personality
    • Values
    • Attitudes
    • Interests
    • Lifestyles


  • Create segments based on common patterns you see

Task Responses

1. What are the benefits of using personas?

It helps you understand the context of the customer. Where their pain points are, and how your product relates to their story.

2. What are the drawbacks of using personas?

It's a lot of effort to create. There maybe a selection bias that skews your persona one way or the other. They can go out of date and not represent the true customers.

3. What do you think the Larger Market Triangle is?

3 competing aspects of Marketing that you need to keep in tension

4. What do you think the Dream Buyers Analysis is?

Finding the most profitable and best customer who you want more of. Analysing the parts about them that make them the best. Are they wealthy? Are they in urgent need of your help? Who are they?