BrandScript Marketing Roadmap


These are my notes from reading Donald Miller's book on Building a StoryBrand. Chapter 14 goes through a roadmap of things to do to set up your brand so it leverages customer satisfaction to create more positive brand awareness.

If you want to check out the other parts of this series, the links are below:

  1. Overview
  2. Identify the Character
  3. Create a Villain
  4. Introducing a Guide
  5. Give them a Plan
  6. Call them to Action
  7. Prevent Failure
  8. End with a Win
  9. Participate in Their Transformation
  10. Brandscript your Website
  11. The Narrative Void
  12. The Marketing Roadmap

The Roadmap

  1. The One Liner
  2. The Lead Generator
    1. Qualify buyers
  3. The Automated Email Drip Campaign
    1. Beginner’s nurturing campaign
  4. The Success Stories
    1. Show how other people have found success
  5. The Referral System

The One Liner

Keep these four components:

  1. The Character
  2. The Problem
  3. The Plan
  4. The Success

The Lead Generator

  • Provide enormous value to the customer
  • Establish you as an authority in the field


  1. Downloadable Guide
  2. Online Course
  3. Free Trial
  4. Free Samples
  5. Live Events

The Email Drip Campaign

  • Regular emails to customers remind them that you exist.

    • Customers WILL forget you over time because they’re busy
  • Email Types:

    • Nurturing email
    • Offer and call to action email

Nurturing Type

  1. Talk about a problem
  2. Go through a plan to solve it
  3. Paint a picture of life without the problem anymore

Offer and CTA

  1. Talk about a problem
  2. Describe a product you offer that solves this problem
  3. Paint a picture of life without the problem anymore
  4. Call the customer to direct action leading to a sale

Collect and Tell Success Stories

Ask your successful customers to provide a transformation story to share

  1. What problem did you have before you discovered the product?
  2. What did the frustration feel like when you tried to solve the problem yourself?
  3. What was different about your product?
  4. Tell us about the moment you realised the product was working.
  5. What does life look like now that your problem’s solved?

The Referral System

  1. Identify your existing but ideal customers
  2. Give them a reason to spread the word
  3. Offer a reward for referrals


  • 100% refund if you refer 3 other friends
  • Invite a friend Coupons
  • Open house party
  • Free followup photos