Brandscript Your Website


These are my notes from reading Donald Miller's book on Building a StoryBrand. Chapter 12 goes through some tweaks that you can do on your website that communicate your story brand.

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  1. Overview
  2. Identify the Character
  3. Create a Villain
  4. Introducing a Guide
  5. Give them a Plan
  6. Call them to Action
  7. Prevent Failure
  8. End with a Win
  9. Participate in Their Transformation
  10. Brandscript your Website
  11. The Narrative Void
  12. The Marketing Roadmap

Digital Presence

Clear and effective website

The audience hears about the product through word of mouth or social media.

They go to the website to find out more.

When they go to your website, they bring with them hope that you can do something for them.

Your website needs to confirm this.

You need to convince them that you have a solution to their problem.


You have something the customer wants and can be trusted to deliver this to them

Website Basics

Offer above the fold

Above the fold is what the website shows when you load the page without scrolling.

First date mentality.

  • Short
  • Enticing
  • Customer-centric

Design tweaks:

  • Put your offer front and center
  • Short text
  • Bold font

Text and Images:

  • Promise an aspirational identity
  • Promise to solve a problem
  • State what they exactly do

Call to action

The buy now button should be prominent above the fold

Users read in a ā€œZā€ shape

Make the main CTA a different color to stand out

Images of Success

You can communicate the success using images of happy people who have used the brand to solve their problems.

Their lives have been transformed.

Minimise your Word Count

  • Long context descriptions can be summarised by writing short punchy statements E.g. List your differentiators