BrandScript Element 7 - End With a Win


These are my notes from reading Donald Miller's book on Building a StoryBrand. Chapter 10 goes through the final piece of creating a brand story which is about showing the customer the final result that your product will lead them to.

If you want to check out the other parts of this series, the links are below:

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  3. Create a Villain
  4. Introducing a Guide
  5. Give them a Plan
  6. Call them to Action
  7. Prevent Failure
  8. End with a Win
  9. Participate in Their Transformation
  10. Brandscript your Website
  11. The Narrative Void
  12. The Marketing Roadmap

The Principle: Talk about the Final Result

Never assume people understand how your brand can change their lives. Tell them.

Specific and Clear Endings

Clear endings give the north star for the customers

Before and After Shots

Use this table to imagine the difference your product makes to the customer’s life

Before After
What do they have?
What are they feeling?
What's an average day like?
What's their status?


Three different type of happily ever afters:

  • Gain power or position
  • Unify with something/someone to be made whole
  • Experience self-realisation

Power and Position

This is gaining status by buying/using your product. E.g. Lamborghini

Ways brands can provide this:

  • Offer access
    • Preferential access over others
  • Create scarcity
    • Limited items and exclusivity makes it feel more special
  • Premium Status
    • Give premium perks
  • Identity association
    • Associating your product with success, refinement, etc

Made Whole

Feeling complete because you’ve been missing something

Ways brands can provide this:

  • Stress less
    • Using the product makes your life more calm
  • Less work
    • The product does away with work you don’t need to do
  • More time
    • The product frees you up to do more things


Your customer becomes a new person, or accepts who they are.

Ways brands can provide this:

  • Inspire
    • Associate your brand with their heroes
  • Create Acceptance
    • Helping people feel less critical of themselves

Practice Time

Business Name What do they do? Status Feeling whole Self-Realisation
Kingsgrove Cats Boarding house for cats You are at your holiday without worrying about your cat
Mane Painters Hair colouring He regrets leaving you
Little Leaves Piano Piano teaching You wow your friends with your playing
Austral Bricks Styled bricks You host a BBQ at home and your friends are impressed
Hot Tyres Sell Wheels and Tyres Wheel Services Your car feels new again
Duo Duo Ice cream and Donuts You're in sweet heaven
Uturn Outlet Second hand fashion You have outfits for all occasions You become the designer