Storybrand Framework Overview


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  1. Overview
  2. Identify the Character
  3. Create a Villain
  4. Introducing a Guide
  5. Give them a Plan
  6. Call them to Action
  7. Prevent Failure
  8. End with a Win
  9. Participate in Their Transformation
  10. Brandscript your Website
  11. The Narrative Void
  12. The Marketing Roadmap

The Elements

7 elements to an impactful story.

The Character

  • Make the customer the hero: not you/your brand
  • Identify what they want
  • The story is about the journey of discovery if the hero will get what they want.

Has a Problem

  • Don’t sell solutions to external problems
  • Customers buy to solve internal problems

Meets a Guide

  • Everyone is looking for a guide

Who gives them a Plan

  • Guides who give plans are more trustworthy

Calls them to Action

  • Characters don’t normally go out of their way to change their behaviour
  • They need a cue or event to trigger the change

Avoid Failure

  • What’s at stake?
  • Cost of not doing business

Ends in Success

  • Give them the vision of how great life will be

The Template

If you're following the book, it's not obvious where to find the template on the current Storybrand website. However, a quick Google search found an updated version here: